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Photo by Roncie

Still photography has been a strong interest with
Roncie Weatherington her entire life.  It
has only been recently that she has turned what used to be a hobby into a business.

Being a dove-tail fit with the video, the two genres go hand in hand.

Favorite subjects of Roncie are, of course, horses and other animals, railroading, and

Please contact
Photo by Roncie for all of your still photography needs.

As mentioned above, horses are
Roncie's favorite subject.  Her rapport with them is
very strong.

Being a horsewoman herself, it is only natural that they become the dominant subject of
the majority of her images.

Please see the
Photo by Roncie sample page for examples.

Please contact
Photo by Roncie for all of your equestrian photo needs.
Photo Manipulation

Roncie Weatherington took to Photoshop like a duck takes to water.  With instant
success at creating what she wanted to see in an image, she found that she could easily
and quickly manipulate images to her liking, and have a lot of fun in the process.

For all of your photo manipulation needs please contact
Photo by Roncie.